Get Caught Green Handed!

How it works:

Community members can donate old, broken, I-haven’t-used-this-in-years electronics to support people living with a disability. Easter Seals NB will recycle the devices for cash and use those funds to support the Assistive Technology Program.

What can be recycled?

We accept almost all generations of cell phones, iPads and tablets, and smartwatches which can all be recycled or refurbished. We accept electronics in all conditions. Broken screen? Water damage? We still accept the device! Chargers and other accessories can also be recycled, though we do not receive payment for them.  It is the owner’s responsibility to remove their personal data before donating their devices - Click here to learn more about deleting your data.

Why is recycling electronics important?

The resources inside our electronics include everything from steel and plastic to gold, silver, copper, and palladium. These resources can be recycled and used over and over without losing their properties.

When we recover these resources to be used again, it lessens our dependence on mining for new resources while also lessening the environmental impact. It also ensures our e-waste is diverted from landfills, where it can emit greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and other harmful toxins.

What You Need to Know about Electronics Recycling

Exploring the Resources Inside our Electronics

Easter Seals NB’s Assistive Technology Program

Easter Seals NB loans assistive technology to people with a disability for assessment purposes and long-term loans.

The primary goal of the Assistive Technology Program is to provide clients with the ability to trial the recommended technology before purchasing. ESNB’s Assistive Technologist works with other professionals such as Speech Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists to determine the appropriate technology. We loan the technology for trial to ensure it provides the best technological solution for the client. This also ensures the client does not spend money on technology that will not meet their needs.

The technology clients use allows them to communicate with family, friends and the community at large. It promotes speech, helps the deaf and hard of hearing, assists people with a learning disability, neuro-muscular limitations and people with other disabilities. It provides solutions for students in the classroom to learn and clients at work to be able to perform their duties. 

Drop Off Locations

Victoria Health Center (please sign in with the Commissionaire - they'll direct you to the drop off!)

Easter Seals NB board members 

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